frogAron’s School for Frogs is a project for a better world, a world where animals and humans live side by side on equal terms. My idea how to achieve this goal is by education. The knowledge we humans have gathered through the centuries shall be shared with other species on this planet, creating a more equal world.

This is why I educate frogs. Wild frogs are taken into my care where they take part in human knowledge. When they have finished their studies they return home to share the knowledge with their fellow frogs.  Hopefully this will make the frogs adapt their life style to a changing world so they have a better chance to survive.

Even if this idea might seem odd, its not news in the animal world. The term Cultural Follower is used to describe animals that have adopted and evolved their lifestyle to be able to live and thrive in close relation with us. Many of these species are considered pest by us humans (in example; rats, doves, mice, and cockroaches) when we should realize that this is an evolution to encourage if we want a planet with a rich flora and fauna.

A link to the talkshow "Den 11:e time" where I participated can be found on the media page. Or here: "Den 11:time"

This page have been updated with pictures from Vetlanda and the greenhouse. Please use the navigation to the left to see the slide shows. If you for some reason cant see the slide shows, you can click on the flickr link to watch the pictures.

Lukas Nystrand has composed music for the frogs. If you want to listen to more of Lukas Nystrands music click here