Mandelmanns Trädgårdar

In August 2008 I was invited to do a lecture for the frogs living in the ponds at the Gardens of Mandelmanns. Mandelmanns is a small scale ecologically run farm in the south of Sweden. Here, in their ponds, several different frogs thrive.

To help me I turned to Malin Svensson, lingvist and sound-artist, Monix Sjölin, artist and Lukas Nystrand also artist and musician.

Despite the heavy rain we did the lecture. We played educational recordings from previous frog schools mixed with mating calls from different frogs. Monix played the metalophone, and Malin held a Power-Point presentation where she described the funkions of the human mouth and throat in order to speak, she also played the accordion.

Except to hold the lecture, our aim was to initiate a communication with the frogs living in the gardens. To our help we brought microphones and hydrophones so we could record and analyze sounds from both above and below the water.

To our surprise the frogs answered our calls, at least until the human audience arrived and scared them off.

The local magasine, Ystad Allehande came and made an interview, to be foun here. They also provided the picture at the top of this page. All other pictures from the event are taken by Malin Svensson