The frogs in the church of St. John

The first frog teaching project took place in the church of St. John in Malmö, and lasted for a week starting on the 23d of January in 2006. Here a class of seven frogs meets with the audience and took part of the regular church activities. The audience and regular visitors of the church where invited to share their knowledge with the frogs, by recording messages to them, which then where added to the frog’s knowledge base.  

Before their appearance in St. Johns church they had been in my care since late August the year before. When the exhibition ended the frogs where put into hibernation and then returned home on the 15th of April the same year.

The show got a lot of media attention, which you can take part of in the media section. The exhibition also lead to an e-mail interview where the artist Jes Brinch interviewed me about the project, that interview is found under the interview section.

You can stop the slide show and read comments on each photo by clicking on it. If it for some reason doesn’t work you can find the same pictures on my flickr page.